For this exercise, you will need a paper and pen. Draw 5 columns and title each column as shown below.

Column 1 - People
List 2-3 (or more) people who are meaningful in your life

Column 2 - Hobbies
List 2-3 hobbies that might be relevant to you

Column 3 - Career
List 2-3 words that describe or are related to your career

Column 4 – Nautical
Consider some of these play on words or add your own nautical terms.

Column 5 – Possible Graphics, that might put a smile on your face, and might match the boat name

People Hobbies Career Nautical Graphics
Mary golf wall street reely dollar bill
Etc. knot fish
Etc. lines mermaid

Now the hard part –

Play with the relationships between the people and things. Right down any and all possible names. Hold a contest among family and friends where you are the judge (winner gets $10 and gets to be in charge of the christening ceremony). See what you can come up with that feels right for you…and have fun!

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